Airslide fabric

Three Major Characteristics And Applications Of Air Slide Fabrict For Chute

The chute breathable cloth is mainly used for air conveying chute, homogenizing silo aeration box and silo bottom breathable layer. The product is spread between the material and the air chamber, with the air chamber below and the material above. Under the action of air pressure, the air flow passes through the product, making the material fluidized, thus achieving the purpose of transportation.

Step-by-step guide to installing air slide fabric

Airslide Fabric :Top 3 Application And characteristics

Airslide Fabric has the characteristics of no deformation, good air permeability, uniform and stable airflow, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is an ideal cloth for qigong conveying ultra-fine materials in industries such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, power plants, flour mills and cement.