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ABS Edge Banding 
PVC Wood Grain Edge Banding

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PVC Furniture Edge Banding
PVC Furniture Edge Banding

What is Furniture Edge Banding

Furniture edge banding also called PVC/ABS Edge Banding, is a material for the protection, decoration, and beautification of the section of furniture board. It can make a piece of furniture show the overall effect of wood grain clear and colorful.
Component: The main component of PVC edge banding is polyvinyl chloride, which is made by mixing, calendering, vacuum molding, and other processes.
Application: PVC/ABS edge banding is widely used in furniture, office, kitchenware, teaching equipment, civil laboratory, and so on. Thickness from 0.3 to 3mm, width from 12mm to 80mm.

Double Dragon Fabric produces two kinds of edge banding, PVC wood grain edge banding and ABS edge banding.

Furniture Edge Banding
Furniture Edge Banding

Three Futures of Furniture Edge Banding

  • PVC edge banding surface smooth, no foaming, no tension, moderate gloss, surface and back flat, uniform thickness, consistent width, reasonable hardness, high elasticity, good quality, wear resistance, trimming edge side color and surface color close, no white, good gloss, furniture product overall color coordination.
  • The main function of the edge banding is to seal the section of the plate, to avoid the adverse factors in the environment and the use of the process (mainly for water) of the damage to the plate and prevent the formaldehyde volatilization inside the plate, at the same time to achieve the effect of beautiful decoration.
  • The base material of PVC edge banding is composed of PVC resin, calcium carbonate powder and various auxiliary materials (stabilizer, DOP oil, ACR, stearic acid, carbon white powder, color powder, anti-aging agent, etc.). The trimming effect of edge banding is related to the proportion of base material ingredients.
Edge Banding
PVC Edge Banding

Five Pors of Furniture Edge Banding

  • Furniture edge banding can seal the section of the plate, avoid environmental or daily use of damage to the plate, play the role of protecting and beautifying furniture.
  • Furniture edge banding can also prevent the formaldehyde volatilization inside the plate, play a protective role in healthy life, play a good anti-corrosion protection effect on furniture products. It can also protect children from big injuries after a collision with them.
  • The edge banding can effectively prevent the plate from moisture, reduce the plate after moisture out of glue, deformation, prolong the use of time, but also make the furniture in the appearance of more beautiful atmosphere.
  • From the side to strengthen the plate is not easy to crack, increase the quality and stability of furniture, edge can also largely inhibit the release of formaldehyde.
  • To choose a healthy, environmentally friendly edge banding without aldehyde glue, do not construction under wet conditions, to avoid glue off after pasting.