The Airslide Fabric is made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic fibers, and is interwoven with warp and weft yarns on heavy weaving equipment as required. The Airslide Fabric is mainly used for air conveying chute, homogenization silo inflatable box and silo bottom breathable layer. The product is laid between the material and the air chamber, with the air chamber below and the material above. Under the action of air pressure, the air flow passes through the product to fluidize the material, thereby achieving the purpose of transportation.

The characteristics of the Airslide Fabric are no air chamber, large capacity, fast ash discharge, high efficiency, which can improve the economic benefits of bulk cement trucks. It is widely used in large-tonnage bulk cement special vehicles and bulk cement special ships. The pneumatic conveying device is the core material of special vehicles and ships for conveying powdered materials.

Three major performance characteristics of Airslide Fabric

  1. The Airslide Fabric can instantly withstand a temperature of 180°C and about 160°C at a constant temperature.
  2. The Airslide Fabric is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, wear, low hygroscopicity, light weight, smooth surface and long service life.
  3. Airslide Fabric is easy to maintain, has good sealing, no noise, safe and reliable operation, low power consumption, convenient to change the conveying direction, and can be widely used for multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading.
Airslide Fabric
Airslide Fabric

Four major application areas of Airslide Fabric

  1. Homogenization equipment: air conveying chute, inflatable box and silo bottom;
  2. Cement manufacturers: bulk cement transport trucks, bulk cement transport ships;
  3. Pneumatic conveying of powdered and granular materials in metallurgy, chemical industry, and power;
  4. Pneumatic conveying of powdered and granular materials in environmental protection machinery.


Airslide Fabric is an important material with good air permeability and wear resistance. During use, the equipment should be checked regularly to find and solve problems in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. At the same time, the parameters of the equipment should be reasonably set according to the use requirements to improve the use effect.