The Air slide Fabric is made of polyester staple fiber and interwoven with heavy-duty woven integrated warp and weft. The Air slide Fabric is a device that supports the material, allows air to pass through evenly, and fluidizes the material. Therefore, the gaps in the Air slide Fabric should be dense, uniform, and continuous to make the material fluidized evenly to avoid the occurrence of vortex phenomena.

The Air slide Fabric is used as a breathable layer in the powder material device of the cement plant air conveying chute, the homogenization silo aeration box and silo bottom, the pneumatic lift pump, the bulk cement transport vehicle, and the bulk cement transport ship.

The Air slide Fabric product is laid between the material and the air chamber, with the air chamber below and the material above. Under the action of air pressure, the air flow passes through the product to fluidize the material, thereby achieving the purpose of transportation.

The Air slide Fabric is used as a gasification bed to mix the material with the air and present a gasified state with good fluidity to improve the transportation efficiency.

Since the material is in a gasified state during the transportation process, it has good fluidity, the equipment is not damaged by friction, and the maintenance of the equipment is reduced. The material is transported in a closed chute, there is no flying loss of the material, the environment is not polluted, and there is a good sanitary environment!

Airslide Fabric is also suitable for pneumatic conveying devices of other powder and granular materials, such as trains, automobile bulk powder tankers, and bulk cement tankers.

Three major Factors to Consider When Choosing Air slide Fabrics

Four characteristics of Air slide Fabric

  1. Smooth surface, stable size, no deformation.
  2. Good air permeability, uniform and stable airflow.
  3. Good tensile strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  4. Low energy consumption, long life, reliable operation, and low maintenance.


In short, Air slide Fabric has the characteristics of uniform air permeability, stable size, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low hygroscopicity, light weight, flat surface, energy saving, and long service life. The Air slide Fabric provided by our company is of reliable quality and is widely used in pneumatic conveying devices of large-tonnage bulk cement special vehicles and bulk cement special ships. It is the core material of special vehicles and ships for conveying powdered materials.