Four characteristics of the suction air slide conveying system

  • The suction type of air slide conveying system is suitable for centralized transportation from multiple locations to one location. There can be one or several feed points, and one or more branch pipes can be installed on the feed pipe. Not only can the materials of multiple feeding points be transported to the unloading point in the sequence, but also the materials of multiple feeding points can be transported to the unloading point at the same time.
  • Under the action of negative pressure, the material is easily sucked, so feeding in the throat is very simple. The hopper can be opened for continuous feeding and conveying. The material is transported under negative pressure, and the moisture is easily evaporated. Therefore, it is easier to convey materials with high water content than pressure conveying; materials supplied in a heated state can be cooled by conveying.
  • Components should be kept sealed, and the structure of components such as surface separators, dust collectors, and airlocks is relatively complex.
  • The fan is located at the end of the material-sealed pump system and requires a high degree of air purification.
8 features of airslide conveying systems

Four characteristics of pressure-feeding air slide conveying system

  • The air slide conveying system pressure conveying type is suitable for decentralized transportation from one location to multiple locations. That is to say, there can be one feed point and one or more discharge points. Compared with the suction type, the concentration and delivery distance can be greatly increased.
  • Under positive pressure, the material is easily discharged from the discharge port, so the structure of the separator and dust collector is simple, and generally, no airlock is required.
  • The fan or air compressor is located at the head end of the system, which requires less air purification.
  • Under positive pressure, the material is not easy to enter the conveying pipeline, so the structure of the feeding device is relatively complicated

Final words

Low-carbon environmental protection is currently the main path of social development advocated, and corporate development needs to be based on social environmental protection and low-carbon development. Powder air slide conveying equipment is an environmentally friendly and low-carbon conveying equipment in the industry. It is widely used in the industry, and low-carbon environmental protection is also the core direction of its development.

The air slide conveying equipment industry is a seller’s market, and users must use any products they produce, which is very unfavorable to the sustainable development of the industry. Therefore, for powder air slide conveying manufacturers, if they want to make greater breakthroughs, they need to be oriented by customer needs.