There are some defects in the design and assembly of the air slide conveyors of some enterprises. For example, if the sealing is not good, the material will seep and agglomerate during the conveying process, resulting in unsmooth conveying, and more seriously, the phenomenon of material blocking in the chute of the air slide conveyor will occur. In view of the existing defects of the air slide conveyor, the company’s designers proposed to redesign and improve several parts of the air slide conveyor that are prone to water seepage and leakage.

Advantages of Air Slide Conveyors

The air slide conveyor can be used to convey powder materials that are easy to fluidize, such as cement, mineral powder, and fly ash. The air slide conveyor is driven by XQ type air slide conveyor fan or high-pressure centrifugal fan (9-19: 9-26 type) The source keeps the material in the airtight conveying chute in a fluidized state and flows slowly at the inclined end. The main part of the equipment has no transmission part and adopts a new type of air slide fabric. The air conveying chute and other conveying equipment such as screw conveying Compared with machines and belt conveyors, it has the advantages of no rotating parts, no noise, convenient sealing operation and management, light weight of equipment, less power consumption, simple structure, less wear and tear, large conveying capacity, and easy to change the conveying direction.

Disadvantages of air slide conveyors

The disadvantage of the air slide conveyor is that the material to be transported is limited, it can only be transported at a certain slope, and cannot be transported upwards. If the design, manufacture, and installation are not good, it is easy to get water and cause the material to agglomerate. The dust collection effect of the dust collector is not good, and positive pressure is generated in the upper tank of the chute of the air slide conveyor, and the dust is easy to leak, and the leaked dust flies in the atmosphere and has an impact on the environment.

Three Optimum Designs of Air Slide Conveyor

In view of the above shortcomings of the air slide conveyor, the company has carried out technical optimization on several parts of the air slide conveyor, mainly in the following aspects:

Optimization and improvement of seals

Three Optimum Designs of Air Slide Conveyor
Three Optimum Designs of Air Slide Conveyor

Seals change shape

The original design of the seal is a single piece, which is the same size as the inspection cover. The whole seal is easily sucked into the air chute by negative pressure, resulting in poor sealing of the inspection cover. The water vapor will be sucked into the chute and mixed with the material. After a long time, the material will agglomerate in the chute, causing the blockage. Moreover, if the dust collector is not well collected, the air pressure in the chute will form a positive pressure, and the powder will be sprayed out from the inspection hole, polluting the environment. After optimization, the seal is changed to an O shape with a semicircular cross-section. The inspection cover is pressed into a groove shape according to the shape of the seal, and the seal is embedded in the groove so that the seal is not easily sucked away by the negative pressure of the air chute, and the sealing performance becomes better.

Seal change material

The material of the originally designed seal is neoprene, which is not wear-resistant, has poor weather resistance, and is easy to age. After optimization, the seal material is changed to thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR, also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber, which not only has the excellent properties of the high elasticity, aging resistance, and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber but also has the advantages of ordinary plastic processing It is convenient and has a wide range of processing methods. After using this material as a seal, the problem of poor sealing has been solved.

Seal changing handle

The handle is optimized and improved. The handle of the original design is round, and it is easy to slip and hurt the hand when the inspection cover is twisted. After optimization, the handle is changed into a flower shape, and the inspection cover is not easy to slip when twisted.

Cancel viewing window

The observation window is embedded in the upper chute of the air slide conveyor body, and the flow of the material in the air slide conveyor chute can be observed when the chute is first used, but after the air slide conveyor has been used for a period of time, the glass is covered with a layer of dust, and the material in the air slide conveyor chute cannot be observed, the observation window loses its observation function and becomes a “blind window”. And the observation window glass is easily broken during normal maintenance.

The seal of the observation window is easy to age. After aging, the rainwater will seep into the chute, causing the material to agglomerate and cause the air slide conveyor to be blocked.

In view of the fact that the effect of the observation window is not obvious and there are many criticisms, the observation window has been canceled.

Optimization of the Height of the Air Slide Conveyor Chute

The height of the chute on the air slide conveyor chute is generally short, and if the conveying volume is slightly larger, it is easy to block the material, and a positive pressure is formed in the air slide conveyor.

By optimizing the design, the height of the upper tank of the air slide conveyor is increased by 50mm, thereby increasing the conveying capacity and avoiding material blocking.

Final Words

Through the optimization and improvement of the air slide conveyor, not only can the material be conveyed downward, but also the material can be conveyed upward, which greatly improves the efficiency of conveying, and greatly strengthens the sealing performance of conveying powdery and liquid materials. It will not slip, which greatly improves the efficiency of conveying.