Airslide fabric

Understanding Airslide Fabric – Its 3 Uses and Reusability

Airslide fabric, also known as aeration pad, is a porous fabric material designed to allow air to flow freely through it. It is commonly used in industrial settings to move dry, powdered or granular materials from one location to another. The fabric’s porous nature allows for air to be pushed through it, which in turn creates a fluid-like motion that helps to transport materials.

Airslide fabric

Top 5 Tips for Extending Airslide Fabric’s Lifespan

Airslide fabric is a popular material used in industries that require the bulk transportation of dry powdered materials. Its unique properties make it an ideal choice for companies that want to minimize dust emissions and protect their products from contamination during transport. One of the key considerations when using airslide fabric is its lifespan.