Airslide fabric is made of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic fibers, which are interwoven with warp and weft threads on heavy-duty weaving equipment according to specific requirements.

Airslide fabric has the characteristics of uniform air permeability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, high temperature resistance, no delamination, no dust return, and long service life.

Airslide fabric, also known as air permeable fabric or fluidizing fabric, is a specialized material used in pneumatic conveying systems to transport bulk powdered materials such.

Airslide Fabric
Airslide Fabric

working principle Of Airslide fabr

The working principle of airslide fabric involves the controlled flow of air through the fabric, which creates a fluidized bed effect. Here’s how it works:

  • Material Conveyance: The powdered material to be transported is placed on top of the airslide fabric in a storage vessel or silo.
  • Air Flow: A low-pressure air supply is introduced underneath the airslide fabric. This air permeates through the fabric, forming a cushion of air between the fabric and the powdered material.
  • Fluidization: As the air flows through the fabric, it creates a fluidized state within the powdered material. This fluidization reduces friction between particles and between the particles and the fabric, allowing the material to flow smoothly along the fabric surface.
  • Transportation: The fluidized material moves along the length of the airslide fabric due to gravity and the air flow, effectively conveying it from one point to another within the pneumatic conveying system.
  • Discharge: At the end of the airslide fabric, the material is discharged from the system, typically into another vessel or processing equipment.
  • Air Separation: After passing through the material, the air is separated from the conveyed material and can be recirculated back into the system.


The characteristics of the Airslide fabric, are that it has no air chamber, large capacity, fast ash discharge, and high efficiency. It can improve the economic benefits of bulk cement trucks and is the core material of special trucks and ships for transporting powdery materials.