Airslide fabric, also known as fluidizing fabric or air gravity conveyors, is a versatile material that finds applications in a wide range of industries. This unique fabric plays a pivotal role in facilitating the controlled flow of bulk materials within pneumatic conveying systems.

Top 4 Applications in the Cement and Construction Industry

In the cement and construction industry, airslide fabric is a critical component in materials handling and transportation. Its applications include:

Cement TransportationAirslide fabric efficiently conveys cement from silos to various points in the production process.
Bulk Material HandlingThe fabric aids in the controlled flow of bulk materials such as limestone, clinker, and gypsum.
HomogenizationAirslide fabric helps mix raw materials uniformly before entering the kiln.
Bulk Cement LoadingThe fabric assists in loading bulk cement into trucks or containers.

Top 3 Applications in the Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, maintaining the quality and integrity of products is of paramount importance. Airslide fabric is utilized for a variety of purposes, including:

Flour HandlingAirslide fabric helps transport and discharge flour without contamination.
Sugar and Salt ConveyingIt ensures gentle handling and controlled flow of sugar and salt.
Food Ingredient MixingThe fabric aids in blending various food ingredients uniformly.
Nut and Seed ProcessingAirslide fabric is used for conveying and processing nuts and seeds.

Top 3 Applications in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

In the chemical and petrochemical industries, air slide fabric plays a crucial role in the safe and efficient handling of various chemicals and materials:

Powdered Chemical HandlingAirslide fabric is used for the conveying and distribution of powdered chemicals.
Catalyst ProductionIt aids in the production of catalysts for chemical reactions.
Chemical Mixing and BlendingThe fabric ensures uniform mixing of chemicals and raw materials.
Granular Material TransportIt helps transport granular materials with precision and control.
Airslide Fabric in Various Industries:Top 4 Application
Airslide fabric

Top 3 Applications in the Agriculture Industry

In the agricultural sector, airslide fabric is employed for tasks ranging from the handling of seeds to the processing of animal feed:

Seed HandlingIt is used in the gentle and controlled handling of seeds, ensuring minimal damage.
Feed and Grain ProcessingAirslide fabric is vital in the production of animal feed and grain products.
Fertilizer ProductionThe fabric assists in the blending and distribution of fertilizers.
Agricultural ChemicalsIt plays a role in the conveying of agricultural chemicals.

Top 3 Applications in Power Generation

Airslide fabric is also integral to the power generation sector, particularly in thermal power plants where it is used in the handling of materials like fly ash:

Fly Ash HandlingAirslide fabric is crucial for conveying and handling fly ash, a byproduct of coal combustion.
Bottom Ash RemovalIt assists in the removal and transportation of bottom ash from boilers.
Ash DisposalThe fabric is employed in the controlled disposal of ash materials.

Top 4 Applications in Mining and Minerals Industry

The mining and minerals industry relies on airslide fabric for the efficient handling and processing of ores, minerals, and other materials:

Ore HandlingAirslide fabric is used in the controlled transport of various ores.
Mineral ProcessingIt plays a role in the processing and distribution of minerals.
Tailings ManagementThe fabric aids in the safe handling and disposal of tailings.
Aggregate ConveyingIt is employed for the transportation of aggregates and construction materials.

Top 3 Applications in Environmental and Waste Management

In the field of environmental protection and waste management, airslide fabric is utilized for efficient and controlled waste handling:

Waste IncinerationAirslide fabric is used in the handling of waste materials in incineration processes.
Waste to EnergyIt plays a role in the controlled transport of waste materials used in energy generation.
Landfill OperationsThe fabric assists in the management of waste materials in landfill operations.


Airslide fabric is a versatile material that caters to a multitude of industries and their unique material handling needs. Its ability to ensure the efficient and controlled flow of bulk materials has made it an invaluable component in processes ranging from cement manufacturing to food processing, and from chemical production to waste management. Understanding the diverse applications of airslide fabric highlights its adaptability and importance in modern industrial processes.