Airslide fabric is made of high-quality heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant synthetic fiber raw materials. On special heavy-duty loom equipment, the warp and weft threads are interwoven according to specific requirements to form a multi-layer plate-shaped and tubular fabric with breathability.

Airslide fabric is the core material of powdery material and granular material conveying equipment. It has smooth and flat surface, good integrity, uniform and stable breathability, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no nirvana, no dust return, easy installation, long service life, etc. Features.

Airslide fabric is suitable for powdery material devices such as air conveying chutes in cement plants, inflatable boxes in homogenization warehouses, bulk cement transport ships, etc., and plays the role of transporting dry powdery materials.

Application of Airslide Fabric

The characteristic of the permeable layer is its absence of air chambers, large capacity, quick discharge of ash, high efficiency, which can improve the economic benefits of bulk cement trucks, and is widely used in large-tonnage bulk cement dedicated trucks and bulk cement dedicated ship pneumatic conveying devices, serving as the core material for conveying powdered materials.

  1. Homogenization Equipment: Air conveying chutes, inflatable boxes, and silo bottoms;
  2. Cement Manufacturers: Bulk cement transport trucks, bulk cement transport ships;
  3. Pneumatic conveying of powdered materials and granular materials in metallurgy, chemical industry, and electric power industries;
  4. Pneumatic conveying of powdered materials and granular materials in environmental protection machinery.

Steps for Using Industrial Airslide Fabric

Airslide fabric supports materials, allowing air to pass through uniformly and fluidize the materials. Therefore, the gaps in the Airslide fabric should be densely distributed, uniform, and continuous to ensure uniform fluidization of the materials and avoid the occurrence of eddy currents.

  1. Equipment Inspection: Before use, check whether all parts of the equipment are intact and whether the power supply is normal.
  2. Equipment Installation: Install the industrial airflow slide fabric in the required location, ensuring the correct installation position of the equipment.
  3. Start the Equipment: Press the start button on the controller, and the equipment will start running.
  4. Stop the Equipment: After use, press the stop button on the controller, and the equipment will stop running.


The Airslide Fabric is suitable for pneumatic conveying of powdered materials and granular materials in industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, and electric power. By laying the Airslide Fabric between the material and the air chamber, with the air chamber below and the material above, under the action of air pressure, airflow passes through the product, fluidizing the material, thus achieving the purpose of conveying.