Airslide fabric and screw conveyors are two popular tools utilized in bulk handling and conveying. With many industries out there, one may require a bulk material conveying system. This could be to transfer raw materials from one location to another within a processing plant or to move finished products to packaging lines. However, in recent times, Airslide fabric has become a preferred choice to transfer bulk materials in comparison to screw conveyors. Here we will discuss the benefits of utilizing airslide fabric over screw conveyors.

Advantages of Airslide Fabric over Screw Conveyors

Advantages 1#: High Efficiency

Airslide fabric is known for its high efficiency in bulk material handling as it has the capability to transport a wide range of products such as cement, flour, lime, and other fine powders smoothly and efficiently. Unlike screw conveyors, the friction between the material and conveying surface is minimal in airslide fabric.

Advantages 2#: Low Maintenance Cost

When compared with screw conveyors that require regular maintenance, airslide fabric does not require frequent upkeep. This is because airslide fabric does not have any moving parts, which means there is no need for maintenance or replacements of mechanical components. Therefore, this ensures that overall maintenance costs are kept to a minimum for the entirety of the plant’s lifespan.

Advantages 3#: Customizable Lengths

Airslide fabric is incredibly flexible and can be stretched over long distances in a straight or curved route. Moreover, since this fabric has no weak points or corners, there is no risk of spillage or blockages, making the overall transportation process much easier and smoother.

Advantages 4#: No Material Degradation

With airslide fabric, there is no friction that can occur between the material and the conveying surface which can lead to degradation of the product. This means that an airslide typically moves product in its exact form with little or no quality loss.

Airslide fabric
Airslide fabric

Advantages 5#: Versatile Applications

Airslide fabric can be utilized with a wide range of products, making it ideal for industries that frequently handle materials that don’t flow easily, such as either fine powders or bulk materials. With screw conveyors, they can only be used for a limited range of products, and the conveying speed is relatively slower than the airslide fabric.

Comparison of Airslide Fabric and Screw Conveyors

FactorsAirslide FabricScrew Conveyors
MaintenanceVery lowHigh
Product DegradationNoYes
Risk of BlockagesNoYes
ApplicationWide range of applicationsLimited


It is evident that airslide fabric has many advantages over screw conveyors when it comes to bulk material handling and conveying. Its high efficiency, low maintenance cost, customizable lengths, low risk of blockages, and versatile applications have made it a preferred choice for industries across the globe. By choosing airslide fabric, you can significantly reduce your plant’s operating costs and improve overall material handling efficiency.