Air Slide Fabric is made of high-quality synthetic heat-resistant fibers and is integrally woven. It is suitable for pneumatic conveying chutes for cement, alumina, and other powder materials. It is often used to convey cement and raw meal powder in the cement industry.

Air Slide Fabric can be used in the cement raw meal homogenization warehouse to homogenize the cement raw meal.

The synthetic fiber breathable layer cloth is made of high-quality synthetic fiber raw materials. Features. The breathable layer is an alternative material for multi-layer canvas and ceramic porous plate.

Polyester-based air slide fabric

Polyester Airslide Belt
Polyester Airslide Belt

The filter fabrics are solidly woven with filament polyester and offer the following characteristics:

  • Constant air permeability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High tensile strength in warp & weft
  • High resistance to wear & degradation
  • Readily cut heat scalable so ease in fitting
  • Resistance to decay and rot prevents the formation of bacteria and fungus

Polyamide or Nylon based air slide fabric

These fabrics are solidly woven with nylon which has the following characteristics: This Air permeable fabric is used for pneumatic conveyors of bulk materials. It is an indispensable part of cement plants, chemical industries, metallurgical industries, dense phase systems, air/fluid slides bulk cement tank trucks, and ship and fixed cement tanks.

Cotton-based air slide fabric

Cotton is used in both warp and weft in these solid woven cloth fabrics and has the following characteristics:

  • It absorbs humidity hence moisture free applications are recommended
  • It is self-cleansing it can be silicon-to suit specific requirements
  • Good for the conveyance of non-abrasive or mild abrasive-materials