Airslide and air slide fabric are integral components of air transportation systems used in industrial settings.

Airslide and airslide fabric are two terms often used interchangeably but refer to distinct elements.

Airslide Technology

Airslide technology is commonly employed in industrial applications, such as the bulk handling of powdered materials. It allows for the efficient transportation and fluidization of these substances using air pressure. This technology utilizes permeable membranes or fabric to create an airstream that results in fluid-like behavior for the transported material. Powdered substances can be conveyed over long distances without the need for traditional mechanical conveyors.

Airslide Fabric

Air slide fabric, also known as air-permeable fabric or fluidizing fabric, is a key component of airslide systems. It is specifically designed to facilitate the fluidization process by allowing air to pass through while retaining the powdered material being transported. Airslide fabric is typically made from polyester or other synthetic materials, ensuring that it possesses the necessary permeability while remaining durable and resistant to wear and tear.

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  • Airslide technology refers to the complete system, including the channels, partitions, fans, and other supporting components used for conveying powdered materials.
  • Air slide fabric is the specific material used within the airslide system that allows for the controlled flow and fluidization of the powder.

Material Properties:

  • Airslide fabric is carefully engineered with specific permeability levels to allow a controlled amount of air to pass through, promoting fluidization while preventing excessive air leakage.
  • Airslide technology encompasses a range of components, each with their own material properties, such as the robust construction of the channels or the efficiency of the fans.
Airslide fabric
Airslide fabric

Top 3 Advantages and Applications

The key differences between airslide and air slide fabric, let’s discuss their respective advantages and applications.

Airslide Fabric:

  • Provides excellent air permeability, allowing for efficient fluidization and transportation of powdered materials.
  • Resistant to abrasion, ensuring durability and extended lifespan.
  • Suitable for use in various industries, including cement, chemicals, food processing, and mineral processing.

Airslide Technology

  • Offers a cost-effective solution for bulk materials handling, reducing the need for extensive mechanical conveyors.
  • Enables the transport of powdered materials over long distances and across various terrains.
  • Find applications in numerous industries, including cement manufacturing, power plants, and mining operations.


While airslide technology encompasses the entire system required for bulk material handling, air slide fabric is a specific material within this system designed to facilitate fluidization. Understanding the differences between these two terms will help you better grasp the intricacies of airslide systems and their uses.