Polyester needle-punched air slide fabric cloth/breathable panel/breathable layer, clear, flat, dimensionally stable, and non-deformable. The airflow is uniform and stable. Heat-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. Low energy consumption, long life, minimal maintenance. low price.


Polyester Airslide Belt
Polyester Airslide Belt

The air slide fabric is mainly used as a supporting product for the air chute and the hopper funnel for conveying dry powder materials. Widely used in cement, thermal power plants, alumina, bauxite, soda ash, gypsum, flour, and other industries for horizontal conveying and silo boiling.

Four advantages of polyester air slide fabric

The polyester air slide fabric is a new type of air-permeable layer, which is made of high-quality cotton yarn and heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant chemical synthetic fibers, which are woven on special equipment according to specific requirements. advanced level.

    1. The cloth pattern is clear, smooth, stable in size, and not deformed.
    2. Good air permeability, uniform, and stable airflow.
    3. Heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance.
    4. Low energy consumption, long service life, and minimal maintenance.