Air slide fabric is mainly used in pneumatic conveying equipment for powdery and granular materials in the cement industry, such as air chutes, homogenization storehouses, pneumatic lift pumps for air boxes, flow valves, bulk cement warehouses, power plants, chemical industry, metallurgy, and other industries.

Install the air slide fabric on the bottom of the tank of bulk cement tanker, bulk fly ash car, bulk cement train, and bulk cement ship, and pressurize it by air compressor to change the powdery particulate matter in the tank from a solid state. In a fluid state, the material in the tank is discharged to the designated position by the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the tank. It is suitable for the large-scale pre-baking tank in the electrolytic aluminum plant. Because the whole system has no mechanical transmission parts, it has low energy consumption, no leakage, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and equipment use.

Top 6 features of air slide fabric

  1. The air slide fabric improves the transportation efficiency of all these goods. It keeps the integrity of these products intact and you can use them without any damage. It has excellent fluidity which protects the devices from damage during transportation.
  2. The materials are transported in a closed chute. It is highly beneficial to keep the environment unpolluted because the material has no flying loss. Hence, it is good for keeping the environment in good condition.
  3. The materials are transported in a closed chute that has an air slide belt in the middle so that it can be fastened correctly and there will be no damage to the product.
  4. All the top air slide manufacturers use the best quality materials to make the right thing for their clients. They generally use premium corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant chemical synthetic fiber to make this belt and canvas.
  5. This fabric is highly used in various industries because of its durability and longer lifespan. It has minimal impact on wear and tear which makes it a perfect choice for heavy-duty industries. Moreover, air slide fabric is resistant to caking and does not absorb moisture. This fabric is completely resistant to rotting and decomposition which makes them eco-friendly.
  6. With the help of advanced technologies, you can customize the product to meet the specific needs of your industry or business. They can be available in different thicknesses and grades. You should consider the fabric as per its application.

Installation of air slide fabric

air slide fabric for cement
air slide fabric for cement

The air slide fabric should be stored in a clean and dry place, and do not stick to oil and water during installation.

When cutting, the length of the air slide fabric is 0.5m longer than the slope, and the width is 1.5cm wider than the flange of the shell, and the shell is installed after longitudinal tension. At this time, the horizontal direction should also be tightened as much as possible. When there are curved grooves and three-way and four-way grooves, in order to maintain uniform air permeability, the joints between the layers should be staggered, and the butt joints should be tightly stitched. When installing, first install the upper shell at the joint, and then tighten each end.


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