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air slide fabric
air slide fabric

What is air slide fabric?

Air slide fabric may be defined as an air-permeable fabric typically utilized in silo/bin aerators or air-activated conveyors for the better and easier conveyance of bulk dry powder. Air slide fabric is also known as air side cloth, air slide belt, air slide canvas, and air slide membrane.

air slide fabric for cement
air slide fabric for cement

How is air slide fabric working?

Air slide fabrics are meant for pneumatic conveying of powdery and granular products like cement as well as alumina. However, air slide fabric is also useful for other materials as well. This solid fabric is designed for air sliding purposes.

The air-permeable (air slide fabric) layer separates the upper and lower troughs, the upper trough body as the material chamber, and the lower trough body as the air chamber. Air chute to air as the power, so that a certain pressure flow of gas, from the ventilation layer (fluidized bed) through the pores, so that the fluidized material to change the angle, the powder was “suspended” state. Air transport chute has a certain slope, when the powder is fluidized in the air suspension layer suspension, the rest angle decreases, when the tilt angle is less than the chute, by its own gravity and component of the role of powder flow forward, To achieve the purpose of transport.

air slide fabric
Air Slide Fabric

What is the material made for air slide fabric?

Air slide fabrics are available in different materials with different grades of air permeability as well as thickness based on the purpose. Air slide fabrics are also known as complete set aero cloth, air slide canvas, air slide belt fabric, woven air slide material, pneumatic conveyor belt, and air-permeable fabrics.

Double Dragon Fabric(DDF) provides good quality polyester air slide fabrics for air slide systems, which can be divided into polyester spun yarn air slide fabric, polyester filament air slide belts, and polyester nonwoven air slide cloth for different usages and requirements from the clients.

Filament polyester air slide fabric

The filament polyester air slide fabric with a smooth surface and equal air permeability, strong construction, excellent for abrasion resistance, with the longest service life for the polyester material air slide fabrics.

Spun yarn air slide fabric

The spun yarn polyester air slide fabric with the same construction as the filament air side membrane is also offered to various industries for dry particles conveying and mixing the material in homogenization silo, etc, but the service life is shorter a little when compared to the filament one, but price cheaper some.

air slide fabric
air slide fabric

What are the advantages of air slide fabric?

  • With controlled permeability, air slide fabric can help enhance the conveyor’s efficacy. It also ensures that the powers will be mixed evenly.
  • While transferring the powder, air slide fabric along with the pressed air of the flume makes dry powder to be transformed into fluid particles so that the equipment isn’t damaged and disturbed from abrasion. And thus it reduces repair works to a good extent.
  • Moreover, while being transferred to an airtight flume, the particles won’t be lost. And this certainly saves overall cost without polluting the earth.
air slide fabric
air slide fabric

Which features for air slide fabric?

  • Air slide fabrics are smooth, clear, and come without any deformation, ensuring dimensional stability.
  • Resistant to wear and tear high temperature, and corrosion and thus ensures longer life
  • Air slide fabric doesn’t absorb moisture, doesn’t form caking
  • Air slide fabric is resistant to abrasion, resistant to decomposition, and rotting, It hardly shrinks even in a hot and humid climate
  • It ensures stable fluidization, needs little maintenance, and consumes less energy
air slide fabric for cement
air slide fabric for cement

What kind of application of air slide fabric?

Air slide fabrics come in handy for different industries.

  • Power Stations – It is often used in power stations for transporting discharging flue ash, filtered dust, and coal dust.
  • Chemical Industry – It is used for conveying sinter dust, Thomas meal, catalysts sodium sulfate, soap powder, rubber components, and soap powder as stated by reputable air slide fabric manufacturers.
  • Construction Industry – Airlift slide is used for transferring gypsum, cement, limestone, calcium hydroxide, furnace dust, lead monoxide, acid crystals, pure clay, phosphates, magnesite concentrate, ground fluoride, and quartz.
  • Tanks and Silos – Air slide fabric is used for mixing equipment, discharging systems, warehouse units, and homogenizing systems.