Cotton Air Slide Fabric

Cotton air slide fabric has uniform ventilation, production in accordance with strict ventilation standards, and after strict testing, with uniform ventilation, smooth cloth surface, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, no delamination, no ash return, use Features such as long life.


  1. Low coefficient of friction on both sides, can be used as a stagnant conveyor belt
  2. Food grade, can transport food, conform to food grade
  3. Strong impact resistance. The strength layer is fabric canvas with high strength.


Both warp and weft are made of cotton fiber, with low elongation and good adhesion.


Under high-temperature conditions, the deformation is small, and it is suitable for occasions where the distance is short and the conveying volume is small. The conveyor belt is an upgraded product of the quality of the all-cotton conveyor belt. The performance is better than that of the cotton conveyor belt, especially the belt body is thinner and lighter, and the impact resistance is greatly improved.


Cotton air slide fabric is suitable for conveying materials under short distances and medium-load conditions. Such as coal washing plant, wood processing, wood handling, main conveying line, tunnel conveying, primary crushing line, secondary crushing line, ship unloader, garbage disposal, environmental protection recycling, and stacking conveyor.

Cotton Air Slide Fabric vs Polyester Air Slide Fabric

Air Slide Fabric Belt
Air Slide Fabric Belt

We all know that polyester air slide fabric and cotton air slide fabric belong to conveyor belts, but there are certain differences between the two. The design of each conveyor belt is different, and each has its own characteristics. Variety and prices vary greatly.

Which is better?


Cotton air slide fabric is made of cotton fibers in both warp and weft directions, with low elongation and good adhesion. Under high-temperature conditions, the deformation is small, and the suitable distance is short, so the polyester canvas is mainly used for large conveying distances, large loads, and strong chemical corrosion resistance, especially in conveyor belts that require good dimensional stability.

Polyester air slide fabric is suitable for conveying materials under medium and long distances, high load, and high-speed conditions. It has the characteristics of a thin belt body, impact resistance, good groove formation, excellent flexibility, and long service life.


The main difference between the two is the material.

The material of polyester air slide fabric is generally polyester. The cotton air slide fabric material is generally pure cotton. Conveyor belts of various materials need to be processed with annular joints before they are put into use in order to operate normally. Although cotton air slide fabric and polyester air slide fabric are conveyor belts of different materials, they have similar structures and similar performance, and can also be docked.