Air Slide Blower
Air Slide Blower

What is Air Slide Blowers

High-pressure and low-air-volume centrifugal fans are known as air slide blowers. Centrifugal fans are designed for high efficiency, smooth operation, and long service life. Based on the application of a centrifugal fan, it is called an air slide blower. Pneumatic slide table blowers are used in a variety of processes and environmental applications. Air chute blower capacity calculations are based on certain parameters such as conveyor volume, air chute width, conveyor length, and inclination angle.
These air-operated Air Slide Blowers are made from a high-pressure range of 620mm wvg to 650mm wvg with volumes ranging from 16m3/min to 50m3/min.

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Air Slide Blower
Air Slide Blower

4 Pros

  • Air Slide Blowers has a very compact and robust design. The ramped characteristic curve enables a wide range of volume flows at constant boost.
  • Air Slide Blowers have a robust welded construction. The helical casing of the single-suction centrifugal fan is rotatable and located in front of the motor base, thereby realizing the 45° step adjustment of the fan casing.
  • The lightweight impeller has good starting characteristics. Therefore, Air Slide Blowers design not only welded steel structures, but also welded aluminum structures and aluminum-silicon alloy designs for casting.
  • Air Slide Blowers achieves electrokinetic balance in two planes. Mounts directly on a cantilever position at the motor end or shaft end. Optimum alignment between impeller and housing ensures low-noise operation of the fan. The impeller can be inspected, assembled or disassembled very easily by loosening the mounting spacer.
Air Slide Blower
Air Slide Blower

Applications of the Air Slide Blowers

Air Slide Blowers suitable for continuous material flow

The conveying medium is air and other non-spontaneous, harmless and non-corrosive gases. Viscous substances are not allowed in the gas. Under normal circumstances, the temperature during ventilation should not exceed 80°C, and the hard particles contained in the dust should not exceed ≤150mg/m3.

Air Slide Blowers/Fans are commonly used in forced air services to move or pneumatically convey material. Used in many other areas of industry where pneumatic transport of solid particles is required, air slide applications may be found in the processing of dry cement and gypsum materials. Air Slide Blowers/material conveying fans ensure a reliable material flow, even in demanding environments.

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Air Slide Blower
Air Slide Blower

Top 9 Features of the Air Slide Blowers

  • Stable conveying of powders and granules that are difficult to convey by suction, such as fine powders with high adhesion and cohesion
  • High/low pressure delivery and high/low concentration delivery can be freely set according to the delivery object and its physical properties
  • Reduced air volume reduces filter area
  • Complete discharge type, less residue in the device
  • Suitable for long distance transportation
  • It can transport mixed powder without separation and large difference in specific gravity
  • It is possible to transfer objects (conveying) ⇒ water (cleaning) ⇒ air (drying), easy to clean
  • Save installation space
  • The conveying speed can be adjusted freely
air slide fabric
Air Slide Fabric

Double Dragon Fabric manufactures the best abrasion resistance woven Air Slide Fabric on the market. All our woven materials (air slide canvas) are precision woven using a special weaving technique that provides a smooth surface, even air permeability, a strong self-cleaning effect, and no pressure loss during a lifetime. 
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