Air slide chute

Air slide chute conveying is a conveying device that uses air to make solid particles flow down the chute in a fluidized state. It belongs to dense phase fluidized conveying, with low power consumption and low production cost. It is widely used in the horizontal conveying of powdery materials.

The air slide conveying chute is composed of two upper and lower grooves, and the upper and lower two grooves are separated by an air slide fabric as a breathable layer in the middle. This air slide fabric doubles the life than the old-fashioned chute breathable cloth. When the high-pressure air enters the lower trough and enters through the breathable layer, the material in the upper trough is in a fluid state and flows under the action of gravity to achieve the purpose of conveying.

air slide conveyor chute
air slide conveyor chute

8 ways to prevent blockage of air slide conveyor chute

The air conveying chute will be blocked during use. We have summarized 8 important points for attention, which can prevent the air slide conveyor from being blocked.

  • When the temperature of the grinding clinker is less than 50 ℃, the cooling water should be turned off. The amount of water sprayed in the mill should not exceed 2 % of the mill output. When water is sprayed on the outside of the mill cylinder, the operator must pay attention to the mill body bolts, and if they are loose, they should immediately turn off the water for treatment. Do not turn on the cooling water immediately when the grinding is started, and wait for a few minutes for the material to be conveyed by the air slide conveyor chute before turning on the cooling water. When the moisture content of the grinding material is large, the object should be dried.
  • When there is many iron slag and small sections, the sieve plate of the grinding tail should be checked. If the grate seam of the sieve plate is too large, it should be repaired or replaced by welding. If the slag discharge of the rotary screen is unclear, the slag discharge device should be replaced or improved to prevent more small sections of iron slag from entering the air chute.
  • Through the observation window of the chute of the air slide conveyor or opening the vent cover on the upper part of the chute, if the material in the chute is found to have a “bubbling” phenomenon, the perforated plate is broken, and the perforated plate should be replaced. When installing the perforated board, pay attention to whether it is kept in strict alignment with the air slide conveyor, paste the joint with adhesive, and wait for the adhesive to dry when driving, otherwise, the perforated board will be loosened.
  • The air leakage part of the air conveyor should be repaired by welding or sealed with rubber or asbestos rope. The air-locking device should be installed at the feed port of the air chute, and the pressure measuring pipe should be installed on the upper and lower parts of the chute.
  • The slope of the air slide conveyor is an important factor that determines the speed of the material in the tank. Increase the slope by 1%, and the flow rate increases by about 20%. When the particle size, viscosity, humidity, and natural angle of repose of the conveyed material are large and the conveying distance is long, the inclination should be larger. In production, if the inclination is too small, which affects the normal operation of the inclined air slide conveyor, the inclination should be increased or the air volume and air pressure should be increased, and the position of the air inlet pipe should be improved.
  • When parking, first stop the mill to feed the material, transport the material in the chute clean, and then stop the air conveyor. When turning on the air conveyor, open the chute for a few minutes before feeding.
  • In order to discharge the gas in the upper tank of the chute of the air conveyor in time, install an exhaust pipe or a cloth bag above the end of the chute to exhaust the air, and an exhaust port should be set at a certain distance on the upper tank body, and a filter layer, Barbed wire closure.
  • The feeding port of the air slide conveyor chute is equipped with an automatic alarm device. When the chute is blocked, the feeding port will be automatically closed or automatically stopped, which can prevent or reduce the degree of blockage.