Powder fluidized tank air slide conveying

Utilizing the “fluidization” characteristics of powder and granular materials is one of the effective measures to realize dense-phase dynamic pressure transportation.

5 advantages of powder fluidized air slide conveying system
5 advantages of powder fluidized air slide conveying system

When the powder and granular solids are in a fluidized tank with a perforated plate bottom, and the air enters the tank through the perforated bottom plate and passes through the material layer, the kinetic energy of the airflow suspends the solid particles at a certain airflow speed. At this time, the particles are slightly separated from each other, and can move back and forth, left and right, and the energy consumed by the movement is at most much smaller than that when they are not fluidized.

5 advantages of air slide conveying system

This is because the powder and granules exhibit the characteristics of a liquid after being fluidized, which brings the following advantages:

  1. Advantages 1: The material-to-air conveying ratio is high, a large amount of powder and granular materials can be conveyed with a small amount of air, and the power loss is small; the pneumatic conveying system is customized
  2. Advantages 2: Due to the low flow rate, the wear of the conveying pipeline and the crushing of the material is relatively small;
  3. Advantages 3: Due to the small amount of air and the small diameter of the conveying pipe, the separator and the exhaust gas treatment device are relatively simple;
  4. Advantages 4: There are no mechanical transmission parts in the system, and maintenance is relatively simple;
  5. Advantages 5: Due to the simple structure of the system, good conditions are created for the realization of full automation, and so on.

This kind of conveying method, which packs the conveyed material in a closed tank, is aerated and fluidized through a perforated plate and air slide fabric, and then presses to obtain a high conveying ratio and low-speed conveying characteristics, is called fluidized tank pneumatic conveying. This is another form of inflatable tank.

air slide fabric
air slide fabric

In principle, the air slide conveyor is most suitable for conveying powder and granular materials with good fluidity, but if a supercharger can be added to the conveying pipe, the structure of the perforated plate can be improved, and the fluidization conditions in the tank can be improved, even if the flow Powder and granular materials with poor performance are also possible to be fluidized and conveyed, so they have a wide range of applications.